5 Best Image Resizer Tools

Getting the right fit for your digital images is key to displaying them properly on the web. Not only does image resizing help you get the most appropriate size and quality for your picture, but it also helps improve the loading speed of your webpage. But finding the right resizer tool can be confusing since there are so many out there. We’ve taken the time to sift through some of the most popular image resizers to bring you this guide to the 5 best image resizer tools.

Together we’ll look at the best image resizer software, the best ones for windows, and the best image resizers available online. Use these tools to get the perfect photo fit for your website, social media, e-commerce storefront, or whatever other digital content you’re creating.

The importance of image resizing

A potential customer’s first impression of your website or social media imagery is one of the deciding factors when retaining clients and making positive sales. Visual appearances are not only important for building customer trust, but also for capturing your audience early on. That’s why it is extremely important that you take the time to properly curate the imagery on your site.

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Using high quality and beautiful photos that perfectly fit your site is so important. As many digital marketing experts know, using the right photos can increase traffic and drive revenue, while poor quality photos can do just the opposite. At the same time, poorly fitted photos can reduce page speed, making for frustrating user experience. You could have the most beautiful photos in the world but a failure to size them correctly could scare your traffic away with slow loading times and a glitchy interface.

Best Online Image Resizer: Resizing.app

Resizing.app is every creative professional’s best friend. It comes in handy whenever you’re sending files that are way too big for your email service. You can use it to resize, compress, or optimize image files with a few clicks.

Nothing could be more convenient than an image resizer that works online. There is nothing to install, nothing to lock-up, simply a perfect image resizer for the web that works on any web browser, from a mobile device, and on a computer.

Best app: Perfect Resize with Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular premium photo editing software packages available on the market. Used by photographers, web designers, and digital editors all over the world, Photoshop is one of the most versatile and powerful tools you can find. But when it comes to resizing images, Photoshop alone is not always up to the task. Fortunately, you can enhance your Photoshop experience with the convenient add-on known as Perfect Resize.


Unlike many other image resizers, Photoshop is not a free tool. However, its ease of use and amazing image resizer results are definitely worth the cost. While Perfect Resize is not invincible, it can easily enlarge images up to ten times their original size without losing much visible quality. Hence, the reason why Perfect Resize is the preferred method by photographers everywhere when it comes to resizing images to a poster or even billboard sizes.

Perfect Resize is recommended for amateurs and professionals alike. And while it comes as a powerful add on for Adobe programs like Photoshop, it can also be purchased as a stand-alone program. Other than its relatively low cost, there are hardly any other downsides to Perfect Resize, making it perhaps the best image resizer out there. Perfect Resize is available for most operating systems, likely making it the best tool for both Windows and Mac.

A Simple one: BeFunky

BeFunky’s free version is a simple image resizer with a user-friendly interface and enough optionality for all your basic resizing needs. With BeFunky, you can easily do basic image resizing and image editing at no cost. And if you want more options, upgrade to a monthly subscription for access to advanced photo filters, touchups, and other effects.


BeFunky’s biggest pro is that as an excellent free image resizer. BeFunky allows you to manipulate your image by height and width, or by a percentage scale. You can choose what you want, but it’s always worth experimenting with different dimensions to get the best results. If you know the exact dimensions you need, then simply type those inputs into the height and width fields to get your results. However, for those with more advanced needs, or even the need for professional quality results, BeFunky probably isn’t up to the task.

Resizing multiple images at once: Online Image Resizer

Online Image Resizer is one of the simplest free resizers out there. One of its greatest perks is the ability to resize many images at once in what is known as batch resizing. While Online Image Resizer doesn’t have many bells and whistles, it is a reliable program that users find extremely easy to use. In fact, Online Image Resizer is so limited in functionality that it is only able to resize images by width. So depending on your project, this could easily be the easiest option or the most useless.

online image resizer

As there is just one option, choose your desired image width by moving the scale at the bottom of the application. With the minimum width of 16 pixels and a maximum of 1024, it is extremely limited. However, what it lacks in functionality, it makes up for in speed and user-friendliness. Moreover, with Online Image Resizer you can resize many different images at the same time!

Social Image Resizer Tool

The internet is chock-full of resizer tools, but not all are created equal. But when it comes to social media, one of the easiest resizer tools to use is the Social Image Resizer Tool. Designed with social media in mind, Social Image Resizer Tool is an adaptable program suitable for all your social media resizing needs.

social image resizer

To use Social Image Resizer Tool, first, upload your image, then select the dropdown menu to choose what to do with your image. With its many preset templates, Social Image Resizer Tool comes preset for resizing profile photos on Facebook and LinkedIn. It can also be used to resize Pinterest and Instagram thumbnails, scale Youtube channel art, and even create custom Youtube video thumbnails.

As a simple image resizer, Social Image Resizer Tool is easy to use with its many preset templates for all your social media needs. However, the maximum supported file size is only 2mb, which may not be big enough for all projects. In this sense, Social Image Resizer Tool is limited to only small photo file sizes. If your image file size is larger than 2mb, it’s time to look elsewhere.


Rsizr is an excellent online image resizer for manipulating different image file types such as JPG, PNG, and GIF. Rsizr’s intelligent and user-friendly online interface lets you easily resize, rescale, crop, and more. Rsizr’s seam carving feature allows for high-quality image resizing by ensuring that highly detailed areas of your images stay intact during the resizing process. Beyond these features, Rsizr also allows for image rotation, the removal of picture objects, and even the ability to create panorama sized images from normal images.


The upside to Rsizr is that it works great with a variety of different file types and sizes. But the downside to using Rsizr is that it relies on Flash Player. As many security experts know, Flash Player suffers from security weaknesses and is a preferred entry point for spam and even malicious software. As the only way to run Rsizr is by enabling Flash Player, caution is advised.

Tools for every resizing need

Hopefully, by now you’ve figured out which tool is best suited for your resizing needs. If you’re looking for professional-grade photo resizing but don’t have access to Photoshop, we recommend Resizing.app as the next best. Otherwise, the other tools on this list remain popular even if they are slightly more limited in scale and scope. Happy resizing!