Free Image Compressor for WordPress

Great news for WordPress developers, just made compressing images for websites a lot easier and a lot more fun!

What are the Benefits of Using Compressed Images on a WordPress Website?

WordPress is one of the most widely used web development platforms in the world. Large and small companies use it to create responsive, elegant websites quickly and easily using a system of plugins. However, many of the image compressor plugins on WordPress don’t give you the flexibility and quality to make or break your website. More than 21% of your entire website’s weight comes from images. Web developers know first-hand the value of image compression on a WordPress website.

One of the benefits of compressing images on a WordPress site is that it runs faster and more efficiently. Large photos drag a website’s speed down and ruin its chances for SEO ranking. If you compress the images before uploading them, you streamline the code that loads in the browser making your visitors happy and your bottom line. If visitors have to wait, they move onto the next site.

Additionally, smaller images use less bandwidth and less space on the server. You benefit in many ways from taking the time to compress your images as much as possible, without losing any quality.

Recommendations to Get the Perfect Image for the Web

Graphic designers and web developers both work with photographs and other design elements to get the best possible quality. Some use expensive software programs, and other developers compress images online. Some suggestions for getting the perfect balance between size and quality when compressing images are:

  • If the image is a logo or drawing, save it as a PNG file. The file will be larger, but it will stay crisp and clear. Because PNG files are lossless, you can turn your compression up to maximum and still keep the high-quality of the original.
  • If you are creating a banner for a header, use a JPG file, and you can make the image small but still retain the vibrant color and quality of the original. With JPG files, usually, medium compression avoids degradation and keeps the lines smooth and colors blended.

How to Use to Compress Images for WordPress is the best image compressor for Wordpress for many reasons. Nothing could be more convenient than an image compressor that works online. There is nothing to install, nothing to lock-up, simply a perfect image compressor for the web that works on all browsers.

To compress your WordPress images using

  1. Open
  2. Scroll down on the home page to find the box labeled “Drop your images here.” Drag and drop an image in that box. supports PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIFF, and WEBP file formats.
  3. Once your image loads, you will see some options on the right.
  4. You can re-size your photo easily using the drop-down parameters and set your new size in the pixel boxes. Using the drop-down, you can choose, “by Width,” “by Height,” “by Largest Side,” “by Percentage,” and “Custom.”
  5. Use the slider to choose your compression ratio.
  6. The final option is to select your file type: you can choose from jpg or png.
  7. Press the green Save button.
  8. The new file will download to your computer instantly!

The great thing about is you don’t have to worry about a lot of settings or complex algorithms to compress your images correctly; all the work is done for you neatly within the program. The best part is is FREE!