Photo Compressor for Travelers

The photos you take while traveling commemorate your precious memories forever. However, space may be limited while traveling, so every traveler should be armed with an online photo compressor to maximize storage space, so you never miss that next photo opportunity.

What are the Benefits of Using a Photo Compressor for Travelers?

You might not realize it, but there are some real benefits of using a photo compressor for travelers. Professional photographers, bloggers, and other amateur photo enthusiasts travel the globe taking amazing shots. However, serious travelers generally travel pretty light with limited space. Veteran shutterbugs know that with digital photography, a backup is a must. However, carrying around your originals and a backup takes a lot of space that travelers don’t have. Thankfully, using, travelers can easily compress their photos online and store them neatly for an efficient backup.

Some traveling photographers are bloggers or work for online publications, and they frequently email pictures to their editors or upload images to the web. They cannot easily send a 10,000-pixel photograph through email. A picture that large would also slow down a website to a screeching halt. provides the perfect solution to resize on the go and then shoot it off in an email or upload it to the website.

If you are a traveler who routinely posts your photographic wares online, you will appreciate being able to compress them on the road. Large images online slow down websites, which equals lost visitors and evaporating revenue. Smaller, compressed photos are also better for SEO (Google will like you more). They also take up less space, which is good for your web hosting plan and use less bandwidth, which is good for everyone.

Most people now use cloud services, and many who take photographs with their phones copy a duplicate to the cloud for safekeeping. If they store the original, their cloud space may run out quickly, and suddenly they will get a big bill they weren’t expecting. This example is another great reason to compress your photos while traveling and store a smaller, high-quality copy online in case you lose your original.

How to Compress Photos Using is a lightweight, high-quality image compression tool used by professionals and amateurs alike. You can use it on any web browser, from a mobile device, and on a computer. The beauty is in its simplicity. It takes the complex equation of compressing lossy and lossless photos and makes them perfect. Using, you can re-size, re-format, and compress photos within seconds.

To use for your image compression (single or batch):

  1. Open in your favorite browser.
  2. Drag and drop your photo onto the box on the home page where it says, “Drop your images here.” The app supports PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIFF, and WEBP file formats.
  3. Once it loads, you can adjust the size using the right sidebar of tools. Your choices using the drop-down are “by Width,” “by Height,” “by Largest Side,” “by Percentage,” and “Custom.”
  4. Next, use the Optimize slider to adjust how much you want to balance quality vs. size (low or no compression = higher quality but a larger file size).
  5. Finally, use the drop-down in the “Convert to” box and choose either png or jpg.
  6. Press the green Save button.
  7. Your new compressed image will automatically download to your computer.

If you feel the urge of wanderlust and simply must travel the world, then you will be glad to have in your toolbox as your favorite new image compressor. Happy travels!