Convert PNG to JPEG

Does the idea of converting images scare you? Don’t worry, can convert your PNG files to JPEGs instantly.

Why Convert PNG to JPEG Images?

There are dozens of reasons why you might need to convert PNG files to JPEGs. In some cases, you may need a smaller file size, and PNGs are limited to how small you can compress them. However, you can compress JPEG much tighter to get smaller file sizes. When converting images from PNG to JPEG, you need to consider a couple of things.

  • JPEG (or JPG) files are lossy, which means they may lose clarity, color or definition if you compress them too much. But if you need a really small file size, JPEG is ideal for that. JPEG files take up much less room and are faster to upload. JPEG files are perfect for photographs.
  • PNG files support transparency, but they are typically much larger with more detail, depth, and richness than JPEGs. Best suited for images with text or logos where small file sizes can be used.

The best thing about the web is you don’t need high-resolution images for your website to look great. The human eye can only perceive a certain level of clarity online so images can be converted to much smaller versions, and JPEGs work perfectly for this application. Lucky for you, converting PNGs to JPEGs has never been easier.

Regardless of why you need to convert your images, you can use to convert PNG files to JPEG online instantly.

Screenshots Everywhere!

It seems that nowadays everyone is taking screenshots for all types of purposes. In the workplace, managers, designers, and even quality assurance professionals are constantly taking screenshots to mock-up or illustrate their ideas. If you take screenshots on a Mac, your files will automatically be saved as high-resolution PNG files. These are not ideal for sending via email or sharing on social media or even a work website. The solution is to convert them to JPG files before sharing. is an online image converter allowing you to convert from PNG to JPEG easily.

How Works has a powerful built-in converter engine that transforms your PNG images into JPEGs within seconds. You don’t need to know the science behind it to enjoy the benefits. All you need to do is follow three simple steps.

1 - Drag and drop your images onto the box on the home page.

2 - Select your format type (JPEG). You can also choose a size and your image optimization level at the same time.

3 - Click save to download your converted image to your device instantly.

Images store a lot of data regarding color, depth, size, clarity, etc. By stripping away some of this extraneous information, can convert your photos quickly and make them smaller and more usable. The actual algorithms at work are highly complex, but all you need to know is what size you want your photo to be and what format. You can also play around with optimization.

The Bottom Line - Which Format to Use

When deciding which format to use, your intended purpose will help guide you. If you are designing a logo with crisp text or need transparency, then PNG will work just fine. But, if you are looking to post photographs on social media, websites, or share with other people via email, JPEG is going to be your best bet. If you are converting screenshots, again, JPEG is going to be the best option for you, creating a nice small file that still looks great!