A Free Online Picture Resizing Tool

Want to share your photos online? A picture resizer is a necessary tool for optimizing images for social media or websites. There’s no need to pay for expensive photo editing software when there are free online resizing tools available for you. Let’s find out more below.

Why Image Resizing Is Important

Size matters when you’re uploading pictures for the web. If you use images that don’t fit the ideal size of a specific social media platform, it won’t translate effectively. Instead of engaging users, you might end up negatively affecting their experience. Adding high-quality pictures that suit the requirements of the platform makes a post more visually interesting and can better attract the attention of viewers. At the same time, it can add real value to your content.

The same goes for websites. Adding an image that is way larger than it needs to be can impact user experience negatively. It slows down page load time and consumes a lot of mobile data.

Using photos that are too big can cause your themes to go haywire as well, especially when it comes to sliders on your homepage.

Editing image sizes using programs like Word or PowerPoint won’t resize them. Such programs can only stretch your photos and make them look pixelated. Making images smaller than their original dimensions also won’t affect the quality as much as stretching them does. Uploading a large file that’s only been scaled down to a smaller size still affects page load time. Since the website needs to load the full-sized version of your image, your web page will still load slowly.

What Is the Most Ideal Image Size for WordPress?

WordPress along with other content management systems may offer different size options when you upload a photo. You should note that it only affects the size at which your photo is displayed; it doesn’t change the actual size of the file item. Adding photos that are larger than how they appear on the website will still slow down the page load time.

Most WordPress blog themes require feature images to have 1200x600 pixels. However, certain themes might require different photo dimensions. You can also customize your image settings to tailor your taste.

Feature images are visual representations of your posts. At the same time, they serve as default images of your posts when they are shared on social platforms.

Instead of relying on your CMS to resize photos, you can instead resize pictures online using effective tools like

How to Resize Pictures with makes photo resizing quick and easy. No need to download and install new programs. In three simple steps, you can resize pictures with this free online tool.

1. Upload

Pick a photo from your gallery, then upload it online. You can choose GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, HEIC, or TIFF image files.

2. Customize the settings

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you can customize the image settings. Do you want it to be smaller or larger than the original dimensions? You may also convert images into other formats using the online resizer tool.

3. Apply the changes

If you’re satisfied with the settings you’ve indicated, all you have to do is apply the changes. Hit the Save button and your image will be ready in no time.

An online picture resizer tool, lets you optimize, resize, and convert photos for the web, whether it’s for social media platforms, a website, or an e-commerce store. It supports all of the common image formats and even allows you to convert your photo to other file formats.